Sunday, March 22, 2009


Malam ni makan simple je, spaghetti. Malaslah pulak masak sebab yang lunch tadi dah habis.


VG said...

Vin pun masak sempoi hari ni...pasta bake guna sos dalam botoi! Great minds think alike, LOL.

I still can't get Inahar's site. I might have to call my net provider, I think.

BTW, did you see my comment on your sotong masak kicap recipe?

hazila said...

Hi Vin,
Sorry I did not noticed your comment on sotong masak hitam. Anyway I did updated the recipe. May be something wrong or technical problem with the service provider coz I can browse her blog.

VG said...

Thank you Zila. I changed to firefox and now can view Inahar's site. Thanks again my dear. Now I am going to copy your sotong recipe :D