Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mitos abaut Herbs

Saya dapat info dari seorang peniaga herba mostly English Herbs, jadi ingin berkongsi di sini sekadar untuk pengetahuan sahaja.

Used in Carribean to cure colds and cramps.

Remains a symbol of love, faithfulness and eternal life. Basil comes from Greek- Basileus, which mean "King" and in France it is herbe royale.

Used to relief abdominal pain.

Thought to ensure happines and to keep lovers from straying. It was also a common cold remedy.

A sign of wealth to Greeks and it was used to aid digestion and calm nerves.Bath water with dill was said to make you irrestible to your lover.

It was hung throughout medievel homes for luck and keep away ghosts.


Believed to induce dreams og one's future mate. A symbol of love and happines. Hippocrates used it as an antiseptic and the Egyptians used it as a disinfectant.

It is believed to stir up bodily lust, therefore soldiers were warned to stay away from it, lest they lose courage and strength fro increased lovemaking.

Has natural ability to absorb foul odour and used as an antidote to poison.

used by Greek to improved memory. Students carried it to examinations, and lovers used it to ensure fidelity.

Thought by ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs to induce immortability and wisdom. It was used to treat memory loss as well as fever and stomach disorder.

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